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Inspirted by Ayoub Attache tweet, I've made something like this but without installing any software on the phone, just using web technologies, the browser to read the accelerometer sensor, the data is send to google firebase realtime database, finally the Unity game reads the input to move the player in game.


- I've tried on android phone and some people helped me to test it on android & iOS, i can't guarentee that works to everyone

- After scanning the QR with your phone, please follow the instructions step by step to get the best experience.

- Lock the screen rotation on your phone.


This is protoype with 3 mini games, each of them with a different gameplay:

- Kart: Flip the phone horizontally to turn left or right or vertically to move forward or backwards, touch the screen to jump.

- Space: Flip the phone horizontally o vertically to change the rotation of the spaceship, touch the screen to shoot.

- Endess: Flip the phone horizontally to move left or right, touch the screen to attack.


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