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You are the dreaded Grim Reaper, death, the one in charge of sending souls to hell or heaven, depending on how they have behaved in life.

You've been lazing around and procrastinating your duties for so many years that many of those souls are still alive without deserving it!

Don't worry! It's never too late to get back to work.

Draw your executioner's scythe and discover the identity of those victims who should have died 20 years ago.

But beware! Not all of them deserve eternal rest...yet. ;)


What can you find out?

โค๏ธ The story features two endings, one bad and one not so bad.

โค๏ธ You start the game with the pictures of your victims, but many years have passed, they have aged and you won't recognize them so easily.

โค๏ธ The game is replayable. In each game you will start with 3 random photographs. There are up to 8 different ones to be discovered. Will you find them all?

โค๏ธ All the characters have something to say. Don't be shy! If you get close, they will surely give you some clues.

โค๏ธ All the scenery, characters and vignettes have been lovingly drawn exclusively for Game Jam.



โŒจ๏ธ Keyboard:

  • Move = Arrows left-right or A-D
  • Down and up stairs = Arrows up-down or W-S
  • Kill = SPACE
  • Change cards = E
  • Pause = ESC

๐ŸŽฎ Xbox Controller:

  • Move = Joystick left-right
  • Down / Up stairs = Joystick up-down 
  • Kill = A
  • Change cards = B
  • Pause: Y

๐ŸŽฎ PlayStation Controller:

  • Move = Joystick left-right
  • Down / Up stairs = Joystick up-down
  • Kill = โ–ก
  • Change cards = X
  • Pause: โ–ณ



Santi Recasens @keiby_comics - Art

Daniel Recasens  @sobrasart - Art

Dani Campos @danytec - Music and sound effects

Miquel Camps @comandogdev - Programmer

Celia Ossorio @selenevirus - Narrative


Made in a Game Jam

This game was made for the Indie Dev Day Game Jam 2021.
Jam's topic: Better late than never.


Game_mac.zip 66 MB
Game_windows.zip 57 MB


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Please rhcp game for Android OS please