Welcome officer

I'm sergeant Miquel and I love the Commandos saga.

Who has enjoyed this game will surely feel nostalgia for the genre because nowadays it is not as popular as shooters or fifas.

Commandos is a strategy game in which you control a group of soldiers, where you have to overcome missions using your wits to take advantage of the unique abilities of each soldier.

As a fan of the saga I would like to revive the genre, but I don't want to limit myself to being a clone, I would like to make my own version, bring new things to the gameplay and make it playable on PC and mobile.


I am currently developing the game while learning Unity3D, I don't have an expected release date, I just want to enjoy the road and see how far I can go.

If you want to support this game I appreciate any donation, thank you!

Controls in a computer

Keyboard & Mouse

  • Change solider: number keys (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Zoom In/Out: mouse scroll
  • Rotate camera: Ctrl + mouse scroll
  • Move camera: arrows or drag mouse right (only works if your target is not centered)


  • Change solider: L1 + joystick left-right
  • Change item: L2 + joystick left-right
  • Move player: Joystick
  • Center camera: square (PS)
  • Move camera: square (PS), then move joystick
  • Camera over: triangle (PS)
  • Options: circle (PS)
  • Choose option / skip intro: square (PS)
  • Mission objectives: L2
  • Level options: L2


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