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Awesome! Now can you do the Aerosmith's Amazing video VR thing? Please? With Alicia Silverstone? Pleeeeaaase?

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Took RHCP long enough!

But anyway, thanks for this!


no problem 

great game I love it you should do a video game of red hot chili peppers can’t stop and by the way 

you should get an award for that. as a kid i thought this is a legit dc game.

Great idea. Well done. The best kind of nostalgia, just when I needed it. Thank you!


OMG! So glad to see your game being featured, congrats!


Thats really cool ! thank you Sabrina

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Found this game after hearing it mentioned by Kathleen on LoadingReadyRun's Checkpoint 467

WOW! This is awesome, thank you!

Thank you my dude. I dream to play this game since I was 13!

Thank you!😍😜

Thank you for playing and your comment :)

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Look... I never imagined that one day someone would make a game based on a hit from the 1990s. Sensational, although simple. If the game has a little more care, add some cameras in the style of the music video and more stages, the game would be more amazing than it already is. He has incredible potential. Congratulations on your game, man.

First of all! Thank you very much to play my game, taking time to create-edit the video and leaving a comment too!

I appreciate your sincere feedback, the idea of the game started as a two day challange and I extended to a month to learn more about Unity and try to do my best.

I would like to create new levels, but at this moment my main priority is to bring the game as many devices as posible, now I'm working on the android version.

Before start working on Californication I was doing in another game, it's like a Resident Evil game but for blind people, I had to stop it to finish this first, it will be great if you can play that game too :)

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Are you Apple user? I recommend you to read this tutorial to run the game on mac

Hi there! I'm trying to fix the Mac version, meanwhile I recommend you to follow this Twitter account to keep in touch

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Woah. This makes us so happy lol. I think we all wish this was real when the video came out. 

Thanks for your comment, I hope you like the game!

you are a genius

I'm not sure about that, but thank you!

make for macos, please

Hello! I just upload a mac version, Can you give it a chance?


Hello! Just downloaded de Mac intel version and it can't be opened by the MacOS. Can you please take a look? Very anxious to play this game, you guys are awesome for doing this!

Same :(

Give me a few days to find a solution, I will write you soon as posible 😉


Hello, can you try to follow this tutorial

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