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🌶️ What's new? As many of you asked in the new version 1.1 you can play as: Josh Klinghoffer, Hillel Slovak, Jack Sherman, Arik Marshall, Dave Navarro, Jack Irons and Cliff Martinez ❤️❤️❤️

Do you remember the Califonication video from Red Hot Chili Peppers?

I wanted to play that game so bad! it's 2022 and i haven't seen anyone made the game so I challenged myself to create it.

I have selected some epic moments from the video and turned into 7 levels each one with different game mechanics, I hope you like this game.


The game doesn't contain music, you can find some buttons in the game with some youtube links to play the official Califonication song or some covers if you want to play on streaming.


Move = PC Arrow keys / Controller Joystick

Jump = PC Space / PS controller square / Xbox A

Change camera = PC C key / PS controller triangle / Xbox Y

Change snowboard board = PC B key / PS controller circle / Xbox X

Show/Hide HUD (life, coins, map) = PC H key / PS controller L1 / Xbox L1

Pause = PC ESC key / PS controller Pause / Xbox R3 (right joystick click)


- Are you Apple user? I recommend you to read this tutorial to run the game on mac


- Ko-fi
- Buymeacoffee


Miquel Camps Orteza
- Twitter
- LinkedIn

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
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Californication_windows.zip 342 MB
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I was one of the animators on the original music video; seeing (and playing) this is a trip. Great work! :D

this is so cool

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Great game!


I just can't believe this is an actual thing. I remember watching this music video in 2000 and thought the game was cool. Never dreamed someone would actually come along and make it real. Fantastic work, much respect 


So nice!

Thanks so much, we needed this...

The definitive nostalgia game, you're literally our childhood hero.

10/10, I'm buying a plane ticket to california.


I just made an account to leave this comment: you're doing God's work and deserve all of the praise we can send you, tysm 

Excelente juego!!! Gracias por revivir viejas nostalgias ^^ 

Great game!

One problem: when i attach my controller "always left" mode turns on.

You are my hero, man! Keep up the good work. Is there gonna be "crazy frog" game coming soon?

Ah que sensação incrível, saiba que vc realizou sonhos meu parceiro. Meus parabéns

i am still checking this every week to see updates on the FIRST game i will get on the pc i am saving for

keep it up!

amazing, port for ps vita when ?)

Pure art!

great idea


you crazy son of a bitch you did it Blank Template - Imgflip

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hahaha thanks!

Did you find any error? Please send me a message on twitter and I will try to fix it soon as posible, thank you! 🙏



Dream come true!

no fuvking way bro 

cool game 

Great work for a novice developer. It was interesting to see those levels from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers music video. To implement an exact match, of course, difficult and almost impossible, and this work deserves some praise. The levels, though quickly passed, but still. I wish the developer good luck in porting the Android version as well. I even leave my own video from YouTube

I also looked at the profile and in the coming days I will go through the rest of the developer's games.


Thank you very much for taking your time to play my game and create a gameplay, I really appreciate it! 

I'm working in a new game and I hope to finish it soon, it's special one for me because was designed for blind people and all the money goes for charity.

I will be waiting for a new game!


YOOO HOLY SHIT. My dad or my older brother first showed this to me, I love this song and me and my dad always theriozed about it being a real game so the fact that it's real now HOLY SHIT DUDE THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I definitely just woke him up for this LMAO

This is absolutely amazing. Kudos.



Excellent work!

this is the sort of thing that makes me wish i had a pc

Hi! I'm working on a Android version I hope to finish It ssoon, i recommend you to follow https://twitter.com/californigame

Awesome! Do the android verison game will support physicaljoypad like the razer kishi or bluetooth controller?

The android beta version is available to download for free on itchio page, i'm not sure if a bluetooth controller wwork can you try It? Thanks

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Hello, I apologize for the late reply. I try both razer kishi controller and bluethooth "Darkwalker wireless bluethooth controller" and I can confirm both work GREAT! In main menu, have to use touch screen. Controller work only during gameplay, which I don't mind at all.



Cool! Thanks for the information :)

Thank you bro, playing it made me feel good.

The chorus told us to “dream of Californaication” and eventually it came into being. Absolutely amazing


My childhood, finally manifested. Loved it, thank you <3


pls make a Linux Version

Hello! Someone told me that you can play the game using Wine, Can you try it?

Wine didn't work for me but after adding the game to Steam and running it with proton it ran perfectly


You mad lad, you actually did it


I have wanted this ever since the first time I saw this music video as a kid. Thank you so much!

Hola oye como lo puedo jugar, osea ya lo descargue pero no se como

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Hola, siento el retraso, tienes que abrir el fichero Californication.exe, espero que te guste!

a la, haz cumplido mi sueño de niño, saludos desde México!

Buen trabajo!


Please for Android OS pleasee


Sure! I'm working on that, please follow this Twitter account 😉 https://twitter.com/californigame/status/1499803789599125512?t=wnbYY0EWY_L7Z6g2l...

nice bro, good luck in next life!

hahaha i'm not dead yet but thank you!

Indeed a Good Idea and, after all, a pretty game.

At the beginning it was funny to see the videoclip recreated but after 1 minute playing and sintening to the music i'have almost cried: this really took me back years and has the essence of the early 2000s, a little melancholy.

This is very cool.  I got a good two hours out of this.

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