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A mature rated version of your favourite pink monster.


Move = keyboard arrows-AWSD, playstation joystick
Transform = keyboard E, playstation circle
Jump/Shoot/Horn = keyboard space, playstation square
Inflate/Deflate = during a jump, keyboard space, playstation square
Change camera = keyboard C, playstation triangle
Rotate camera mode = keyboard  R + arrows, playstation R1 + joystick

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Kirby Animated - KK's Channel
Karby - Daveytopdog
Bandana Waddle Dee - OomiShroomi
Robot Hero - Dungeon Mason
Ultimate Platformer Pack - quaternius
Low-Poly Seagull - simonaskLDE
Wodden Sign - Carlos
Cute Penguin - labocho
Mario Pack - Islide
Snow man - dalessandrodesign
Lily Flower - Michelle.Q
Dog House - donnichols
MineMarkerFlag - Thunder
Roasted chicken - 1-3D.com
Krabs the Crab - Omabuarts Studio
Football Net - Bryan Okafor
Low Poly Wolf - ImageParSeconde
Beach Party - Rodolfo Rubens
Pumping Heart - omarelone


GOURMET RACE (Kirby Super Star) String Quartet + Piano - Patti Rudisill
Kirby GOURMET RACE - Metal Cover || ToxicxEternity
Earthworm Jim 2 - Title screen guitar cover - Nylon Sound


Angry Kirby - Angry Kirby

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Great game, the sound effects were amazing as well lol, I would definitely play another game like this or a game based on another character.

So THIS is American Kirby's true form...

hahaha good one! can i ask you how you found about the game? yesterday i received a peak of 100 downloads and i don't know where they come from

It was on the front page of Itch.io when I logged in to check something on my Ukraine Bundle and I clicked it because it looked funny

Thanks for your answer!

Good luck on any future games you make!


is this a bitcoin miner?

 Absolutely not ! Why are asking this?

3d not 2d

yep 3d

Genuinely great and way more fun than Californication


Thanks for playing my games! I really appreciate it :)

Really fun game. The shape shifting to solve puzzles worked perfectly and it was easy to figure out what the game wanted. Some of the platforming was wonky and it was hard to know where Killby would land when he was in the air. I can see you adding for forms and areas to build on this. Great work!

Thanks your comment and recording a gameplay too!

Yes, the platforms are a little bit tricky, this is why I put the inflate/deflate mechanic, Did you tried with a controller? I think is a little bit easier to control the character.

Hi! To be honest, I really liked the game. Despite the fact that it is simple, I see potential in this project. It was funny to find an Easter egg from the "Super Mario Bros" universe. As for the melodies - they make me smile, they are great as soundtracks. The game is funny) I will be very happy if you make the project "Killby" already with a plot. I really think it would be a great idea. After completing the game, I can say with confidence that you will succeed! I wish you good luck in your future projects! If you listen to my idea about the plot of "Killby" - I will be very happy. Or make levels in 3D and attach a small plot for a tick (remember at least "Super Mario Bros"). Good luck, Miquel! 

Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me!

I'm not sure if I will continue this game.... maybe the big N company will shut down it pretty soon, so it's great you played at least.

I'm working in several games to show what I'm able to do to game companies and maybe get a job as game developer, my interest for now is to make different games, so I'm sorry if I don't continue the game.

At this moment I'm working in a game about Captain Tubasa :)