What's next? iOS version? Virtual reality?


I started this project for a few reasons, since I saw the music video I wanted to play this game, almost one year ago I started to learn about game development with Unity and I thought that now was the time that I could make my dream come true.

The last days were like a dream! The game has over 50k downloads, I received a lot of messages and videos showing your love for this project, I would like to reply to all of you as soon as possible, I promise!

I'm really happy that so many people around the world are sharing the same dream too

I never thought this game would get this far, I tried to make the best game as possible with my own limitations and I dedicated a whole month to create it. As a few people know I'm a web developer who wants to switch the career to work as a game developer and I'm currently looking for a job.

Also, I never expected to get any money from this game, I want more people to be able to play it, so I want to bring it to as many platforms as possible but remember that this is a game made by one single person.

What about Android version?

It took me a few days to add new features like accelerometer control to drive like a car, vibration when you are getting hurt in the game, adapt the game controls and the user interface to fit mobile devices and I think it's ready to play.

Currently the game is not available on official "Google Play Store", but you can download the beta APK file on itchio page, this is really important please don't trust any other sources to download the game!

As I said, I'm not sure about the performance because this game was designed for computer first, I just tried on my phone Poco X3 NFC (6GB RAM).

Note: Publish the game on Google Play it cost around $25 (one time payment).

What about iOS version?

At this point this is getting serious and for legal reasons I'm not sure if I can even continue the game or if there is any chance to publish it on Android and iOS using the name "Californication" or similar like "Californigame".

Like I said before money was not the reason to start this, this is why the game is FREE!

But making the game for iOS requires lots of time, soul and money, my 10th year old macbook air is too old to even install the latest version of xcode, I need a mac mini m1 256GB this cost around 880 USD, also I didn't have an iPhone (up to $500) and I have to pay an apple developer fee is 99 USD per year too.
Damn!!! Anybody knows if it's free to breath in a Apple Store!?!

For now only a mac version is available, it worked on my old macbook air, I can't guarantee that it will work with all OS versions, Read this tutorial.

What about VR version?

Same answer as before, as a aspiring a game developer it would be amazing to bring this game to VR experience too, but I can't afford the Oculus Quest 2 (299 USD) and I'm not sure if I have to pay something else to publish it on Oculus app store.

How can help you?

I'm not sure if I can accept any sponsor, because I don't want to relate any company with the band Red Hot Chili Peppers or their record label Warner Bros, maybe I can get in legal trouble.... I can't even afford to pay a lawyer my internet connection.

Some people have donated to this project (I really appreciate it, thank you!) but it's not enough to pay for what I need, JUST the devices and developer licenses, If do you want me to keep pushing and you can afford it, please consider to donate it:


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